Expert Roundup Service


Content,strategically designed to increase traffic, connect you with influencers and increase your authority!

An expert roundup is one of the most powerful content framework your website and your business can deploy.

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in this type of content including:


Building up relationships with influencers


Boost your authority in your own industry


Leveraging the influencers’ reach in order to funnel their traffic to your own website


your email list by including content upgrades in every roundup


The price depends on the number of influencers and any upgrades such as downloadable pdfs etc. 

Our Portfolio


Expert roundups really do work. But don’t take our word for it. 
Here are some screenshots from some of the expert roundup campaigns, which we created: 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process behind creating an expert roundup?
  1. We get together and discuss possible topics around your industry.
  2. We identify some of the topics with high potential
  3. We choose the appropriate topic by performing activities such as keyword research and competitor analysis
  4. We create a list of at least 100 influencers within your industry.
  5. We create outreach templates, which we send out to the influencers
  6. We begin putting together the blog post by writing the introduction and putting the influencers’ contributions as they come in and also we begin working on the layout
  7. Once the blog post is published, we email the influencers who participated and let them know that the article is live, so they can share it on their own social media channels, if they wish to do so.
  8. The article will then be boosted via paid ads on Facebook with a budget of around $100 in order to give it additional traction.
  9. We will do a follow up outreach to the influencers who didn’t respond to the initial outreach wave, show them the results so far and ask them if they would be more inclined to join now.
  10. We will create a pdf checklist which users can download by signing up via their email address. This will improve the value of the blog post, as well as provide better user experience and will help you to start building your email list.
What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the service, we do not offer refunds. However, we are willinng to work with you untill all of the issues are completely resolved. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Unfortunately, due to bad past experience, we have stopped offering discounts for the time being. However, we may always throw a little something extra, regardless of the package you choose. Just ask us. 

Do you offer any payment packages?

We require 50% deposit before we begin working on the project and we require the remaining 50% just before publishing the blog post and launching the campaign. 

What type of access do you require?

We will require an author account since the final blog post will be published under our own name. However, if you have any concerns, please feel free to reach to us and we will help you out right away.

Any additional questions?

Feel free to drop us a line anytime.