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Our Mission – To help businesses generate more exposure by creating quality content that gets noticed and shared! 


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Our Work Process


We use proven framework that enables businesses to increase their exposure!


Step 1 – Onboarding: We get together and discuss your goals and how each content framework can help us achieve your goals faster


Step 2 – Conceptualization: We discuss how the end goal of the campaign looks like and what we will do to get there. You confirm whether you are happy with this and if yes, we will begin working.


Step 3 – Production: This is where the actual work begins. First of all, we begin by identifying important influencers in your industry. Then, we proceed by identifying the most appropriate keywords for your topic and industry. Once these are done, we move on with creating the actual content.


Step 4 – Review: When the content creation processes is finished, we sit down together and go over the end result. You provide feedback, we discuss it together and if the proposed changes are suitable we will apply them in the final version.


Step 5 – Promotional outreach: We use the influencers we identified in the beginning of the project and tap into their networks for maximum exposure.



About Quantum Blue


Quantum Blue is a digital marketing agency that focuses on the content part of marketing.


Our aim is to help businesses create and promote quality content that will turn them into an authority within their industry.


 We are based in Sofia, Bulgaria, but we can work with clients from around the world, as long as the clients’ websites are in English.