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Our Mission – To help businesses generate more exposure by creating quality content that gets noticed and shared!


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About Quantum Blue


Quantum Blue is a digital marketing agency. Our goal is to make our clients’ life easier by helping them increase brand exposure, which ultimately leads to increased conversions and sales.  We will help you develop a complete digital marketing strategy, increase your business,  and help you reach your potential customers.

As an agency, it is our job to be specialists on the current and emerging trends in digital marketing.  We use various platforms in order to make sure that you get the best ROI possible. We can help you build amazing websites by using the latest technology and design trends. These websites not only look pretty, but actually help you generate leads, conversions and sales.

Also, our proven content frameworks can help you get the actual exposure, which you and your business deserves.

Although we are based in Sofia, Bulgaria, (ranked #5 as an outsourcing destination in Europe), we can work with you and your business wherever you are in the world.

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Our Work Process


We use proven framework that enables businesses to increase their exposure!

Step 1 – Free Consultation: We get together after you booked your free consultation. This is where we analyse your current online marketing activities and will give you tips on to improve things. 


Step 2 – Strategy: We create a thorough action plan that explains what needs to be done and how long it will take.  


Step 3 – Results: This is where the traffic and sales are starting to come in once the strategy is executed. As simple as that.